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Kotobukiya – Xenomorph Alien Big Chap Simple Assembly Figure

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Brand: Kotobukiya / ArtFx+
Height: 22cm


Following after the Warrior Drone from Aliens comes the original creature that scared audiences in 1979’s Alien by Ridley Scott, the Xenomorph known to fans and collectors as BIG CHAP! The fearsome creature stalks its prey on the USCSS Nostromo, leaning forward out of the shadows with its claws, tail, and snapping jaws at the ready. The alien looks like it just stepped off the screen and onto your shelf with an incredibly detailed sculpt bringing to life all of the intricate elements of its exoskeleton and the iconic translucent top of the head revealing the elongated skull beneath it. Big Chap includes a diorama-style display base sculpted to resemble the flooring of a spaceship and comes with six panels and four joint pieces for walls and ceilings that are interchangeable with the parts that came with the ARTFX+ Aliens Warrior Drone.


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