Our Latest Pokemon Drop!

Our latest Pokemon drop is here and we’ve got more than ever before!

We’ve refreshed our collection with the latest packs from the new Lost Origins set. Lost Origin is the eleventh main expansion for Pokemon TCG under the Sword & Shield series.

This expansion sees the return of the Lost Zone, a zone similar to the discard pile whose cards are no longer interactable by usual means. Lost Origin will have 190+ cards in the set, with VSTAR and VMAX cards, and VMAX Climax cards.


Lost Origin focuses on the Legendary Pokemon Giratina, appearing in its Origin Forme. Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR are among the cards that can interact with cards that have been sent to the Lost Zone, giving them abilities that go beyond what normal Pokemon cards can usually do. There will also be more Hisuian forms of some of the Pokemon in Lost Origin, such as Hisuian Zroarok and Hizuian Goodra, as well as three new Radiant Pokemon like Radiant Gardevoir. The set will also be treated with 30 cards with special art in the Trainer Gallery, as well as more than 15 new Trainer Cards.

We also sell single cards! It could not be a better time to head down in store and check out our Pokemon collection today!

P.s. We’re also incredibly excited to reveal our new Pokemon Draft Nights beginning very soon in store so watch this space for updates very soon!

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