Welcome to Millennia

We created Millennia to be the best place to come and see some amazing Sci-Fi, Comics TV, Film and Gaming merchandise. We have used our experience to source from all over the world some really unique and awesome products that have given so much joy to our many customers who have visited our store in the heart of London.

We now want you to come and enjoy our website and browse through our range of wonderful Sci-fi merchandise and prepared to be amazed at what you see..

About Us

Our passion has always been Sci-Fi fantasy Film, TV and Gaming.

The team behind Millennia all share similar stories of growing up loving Sci-Fi film and Tv and wanted to create something special where customers could relate to and find the perfect place to buy something unique and not readily available on the High St.

We opened our first store in 2015 and we have never looked back since. Our customers have been our reason to continue to excel at what we do and our store in the heart of London has been extremely popular amongst our loyal customers.

So just as in our Store we want you to come and enjoy our website and browse through our large range of wonderful Sci-fi merchandise!

Our vision for Millennia is based on our working ethos, which is simple but very important to us – and it defines how we do business.

That ethos is making sure we give our customers the following:

  • Great product with attention to choice and quality.
  • Great price to ensure we are always competitive.
  • Great customer service.
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